Amethyst (Rough Form)

A semiprecious stone available in color from light violet to dark purple.The chemical name for Amethyst, Silicon Dioxide (SiO2), along with distinctive attributes relating to it's color are representative of its chemical composition. As mentioned through it's physical properties, Amethyst obtains it's color through a combination of manganese impurities (Mn) and the existence of iron (Fe) in specific quantities. The color of each crystal is dependant upon the distribution of color-filled bands within it. These color bands are stable only at temperatures below 480 degrees Fahrenheit (248.9 degrees Celsius) so this semi-precious stone should be protected from extreme heat in order to prevent fading. Professional heating treatments (on the other hand) have been used on Amethyst to produce the popular gems known as Citrine and Ametrine (400 and 500 degrees Celsius). Many of the naturally occurring Citrines began as Amethyst and were created by being heated by exposure to lava and magma from nearby volcanoes and other magma containing bodies. Ametrine has become a popular semi-precious gem which is a product of being half Amethyst and half Citrine.

Other Characteristics of Amethyst

Index of refraction: 1.5-1.6

Birefringence: 0.01

Mohs' Scale Hardness: 7

Fracture: Conchoidal

Specific Gravity: 6.5

Crystal System: Tetrahedral


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